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    Hipster Fez Guy

    thesherlocktor-deactivated20131 asked:
    You have no idea how jealous I am. I want to go to LA and work for Phil. Kansas is sad and lame and there are too many cows.

    There’s no¬†guarantee though. I might not get the internship. But you can only be considered if you’re in the L.A. area, so, tadah my reason.

    thesherlocktor-deactivated20131 asked:
    Ugh. You are making it hard for me not to punch you. This talk of money. I don't care much for money; money can't buy me punching. 

    Money sends me to L.A. Then i work for the most amazing company to be made, maybe next to google its self.

    thesherlocktor-deactivated20131 asked:
    If you get me some PDS gear, I will totally forget that I owe you a face punch.

    dude, the shipping on the pds gear is like 9 dollars by itself xD i got a shirt, and two posters :D the 11/11 doctors, and the HEED THE CALL +the monkey business shirt :D

    thesherlocktor-deactivated20131 asked:
    What? Why? TAKE ME WITH YOU.

    Might make that a thing, seriously, cuz rent up there is like, dickishly high. So, a punch in the face everyday vs not moving to L.A. prolly worth it. Since I’m moving up there to try and get an internship with PhillyD

    thesherlocktor-deactivated20131 asked:
    Don't judge me. I will do it. I swear. You won't be laughing then. You'll be saying "OH GOD MY FACE WHY DIS YOU PUNCH IT"

    I always laugh. Sad fact of life, also, You better hurry, im moving to L.A.

    READ THIS. Reblog this if I can message you and be your socially awkward best friend. & Also ask you questions, so I can get to know my new best friend.<3
    thesherlocktor-deactivated20131 asked:
    Lame. I will still find an opportunity to punch you. And I'll punch all the witnesses.

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